New Hard disk data recovery

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Why can I retrieve data from the hard drive?

Due to the magnetic capacity of the files is that we can recover data from the hard disk, this means that some files remain in the hard drive after being deleted. This has become an important resource when it comes to recovering hard disk data. There are different data recovery tools, which would make it simple and easy to remove it again.


EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is one of the most important data recovery facilitator, it helps you rebuild lost files, regardless of whether they were accidentally deleted or unopened due to a hard drive that suffered an accident, hardware failures or virus attacks. If you have hard disk problems, it is advisable to find a safe and ultil data recovery tool to avoid major damage.


How to recover data from the hard disk?



Before you start the process to recover data from the hard disk it is important that you have installed on your Mac or Windows computer The Data Recovery Wizard of the famous EaseUS company. When the program is already started. You must list the different hard disks that are connected to your computer, you will be prompted to select a location to be able to continue the recovery process.



Steps to perform data recovery in the EaseUS Wizard


  • Start the EaseUS Wizard and select the drive where you have lost your data and click the “Scan” button.
  • The software conducts a quick scan. Once the scan is complete, a deep scan will automatically start to find more files.
  • After scanning, you can preview all retrievable files listed one by one. Then, you must click the “Retrieve” button to retrieve all lost data. Note that you should not save the data in the place where the data loss occurs. This can cause the data to be overwritten.

Data Recovery Services

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RAID Recovery

The main Cristica mission data storage center of a company is a matrix of hard disks known as RAID or redundant array of independent or inexpensive disks.

Precisely when the individual disk capacity was small too to contain various data enernomes and demanding deployed the raid in order to solve this problem by daisy-chaining individual disk to create a larger and more powerful space when requested.
RAID can be a little difficult knowing that different users can be using different methods to store all their data on their RAID server giving opportunity to various types of RAID configuration. No matter what the configuration is, this will always depend on the volume size, the fault tests and the performance that are the three critical factors.

The standard RAID configuration has the ease of deploying duplex/mirror, bands or a combination of these. There are different combinations these will eventually compose the different RAID levels from 1 to 10 and the RAID 5 is the most adopted configuration by corporate users.

Why you need RAID recovery

Some people are wrong to think that using RAID 1 or RAID 5 built into redundancy do not break down easily. As a security measure companies never make diligent backups. Unfortunately, it may not be your case as an unforeseen number of errors has caused a lot of failure. RAID server failure, in a situation like this, the company must stop its operations.

RAID server recovery is complex but is due to the level of sastifacion you have. It is impossible to find two identical RAID systems with the same failure mode. The user try to recover also alter the level of problem, so that any undue alteration would multiply the problems on the server.

Deft data Recovery Center has been a specialist in recovering all types and brands of RAID servers. Regardless of RAID configurations and types of errors, our specialist team has a data recovery center where Podrepodremos recover your data quickly to avoid losing much more files and business projects as a result of blocking the raid server.

Different RAID levels

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RAID data recovery is one of the different recovery services that offers, as this is a great system to increase the availability and speed of data you store, offering greater protection of your data on non-RAID disk. Then you will be able to see the different RAID levels and which works best when retrieving your raid data.
RAID 0 Level

Array of striped disks without any fault tolerance: this improves performance but does not provide fault tolerance. If a unit fails then all the data in the array is lost, for that reason it provides data stripes to block-diffusion of each file on several disk drives.

RAID 1 level

Mirroring and duplexing: Level 1 provides twice the transaction speed of individual disk reading and the same write transaction rate as the individual disks, so it provides disk mirroring.

Raid 2 level

Error-Correcting encryption: Level 2 lines data at the bit level instead of the block level, is not a typical implementation and is rarely used.

RAID 3 level

Between-bit parity — can be used rarely, because it provides byte-level stripes with a dedicated parity disk, which means level 3, which cannot meet multiple simultaneous requests.


RAID Level 4

Dedicated parity drive — this commonly used RAID deployment, level 4 provides tiered stripes because they are used to create a replacement disk. If a data disk fails, a disadvantage for level 4 is that the parity disk can create write-bottlenecks.

RAID 5 level

Block-distributed parity blocking — level 5 is one of the most popular RAID implementations, because it provides byte-level data stripes and error-correction information. This results in excellent performance and good fault tolerance.

RAID Array Data Retrieval

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RAID Array Recovery requires a well trained and experienced team. Our team handles extensive experience and skills to retrieve our customers’ data as quickly as possible.


To recover data from RAID arrays, you need to recover IDE, SAS, SATA, and SCSI hard disk data in the event of physical failures, logical failures, and firmware failures.


RAID disk array is widely used by organizations to have better data handling with a fault tolerant storage system. It is thought that RAID devices are fault tolerant but are actually vulnerable to data loss.


The best way to recover your data in a RAID array is to deal with any failure without having to change anything until you can call a RAID data recovery agency so they can evaluate the risks and support you with that problem as they are Complex teams and can not be put into the hands of inexperienced people.


Common RAID Faults


  • Virus attack
  • Formatted RAID partitions
  • Missing RAID Partitions
  • RAID array accidental restart
  • Accidental configuration
  • Lost RAID configuration
  • RAID controller card failure



How can you recover RAID array?



  1. Perform an initial diagnosis in the RAID array to find out if it is a logical or physical fault and cause it.
  2. Provide a list of the recoverable data together with the service budget if the failure allows this action.
  3. After the authorization of the service you must proceed to extract the data and delivery of the data as quickly as possible.


Our team specializes in recovering all data from RAID arrays on the market by reaching RAID 0, RAID 5, RAID 6 and RAID 10. Our staff is always prepared to handle any failure of your RAID arrangement.

Lost, damaged, erased? Recover all

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With Wondershare The recovery of your data is completely safe, is a reliable and effective software to be able to recover all your files. Recover everything you’ve lost quickly and safely, whether it’s videos, music, photos, emails, etc. With this software has blocks recovery options that you can then apply on the hard disk of your PC. USB drive, mobile phone, cameras, ipods and more.


4 recovery face that will help you recover all lost files.

  1. Face Recovery wizard: This is responsible for looking for lost files having as a guide some security questions.
  2. Face lost File recovery: This face will help you retrieve all of your files that could be accidentally deleted or formatted with their original filenames and paths.
  3. Face partition recovery: This will maintain all data intact when recovering corrupt or lost partitions.
  4. Face raw recovery: This starts the scanning process profunfo on the device to retrieve the data even when the system is in critical state.


Safe and effective recovery.

  • It has more than 495 file formats for any type of photos, videos, music, docs, emails, .zip, etc.
  • In the face of any data loss emergency you can recover your lost, damaged or deleted files immediately.
  • It has the ability to retrieve data from hard drives, USBs, external hard drives, mobile phones, digital cameras, ipods, MP3/MP4 players and more.
  • 99.9% safe. This Windows Data Recovery program works without any damage to your data.

Professional Data Recovery Services

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When a data loss occurs, you need the help of a company specialized in data recovery to put everything in order again.


The best data recovery services are those who have extensive experience in engineering, a room with class 10 ISO 4 standards and the best business data recovery facilities. Our specialists are qualified to give you the best results at the time you need to recover files from a hard drive, flash drive, RAID array or any other type of digital device.


Hard disk data Recovery services.

With the new technology of our class 10 ISO 4 sterile room and an excellent track record in the industry, secure data recovery services offer a good professional repair that guarantees the safety of the hard drive. We specialize in the treatment of all types of faults that can occur to a hard drive, including damage to the scriptures, electronic damages, reading damage, among others.


Laptop Data Recovery Services.

At the time a laptop is damaged, you will need qualified professionals to help you immediately to regain access to your most relevant files. Software errors or sudden hard drive problems can prevent you from accessing personal or business data, and when you can’t rebuild the missing information, our team can give you back your peace of mind.


Server Data Recovery.

Servers are one of the most important pieces in many companies, whether your virtual part was completely dependent on a Web server, an accounting system, a mail service, a database server, or a virtual server in one way or another, your company needs regular access to the storage media to stay on track.


Mobile data recovery and professional forensics.

Any data recovery has a part focused on mobile data recovery that specializes in retrieving all files from the device while it is in a bad physical condition and logically.

Discover the Software GetDataBack 2.03

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GetDataBack is a software that poses a comprehensive approach to data recovery. It is easy to use although it has the disadvantage that you need to know the exact size of your device to avoid selecting the wrong one, as it could be a little complicated if you have several similar size disk, like a RAID configuration. If that way the raid recovery becomes a problem. Del has raid recovery for Windows dosponible as a complement.

One of his options called Deep Timo allow this software to achieve beyond the lost data to find various partitions that could have lost you too. Your interface allows you to break down through the different partitions that have carpets and individual files so you can properly perform your structure directory to help keep your files completely organized so that you don’t miss anything after the recovery the way they were before it was lost. Our team was able to evaluate that is one of the slowest programs but does not leave any correlation between speed and efficiency, if you are not hurry this software could be a good option.

During the tests carried out by our teams, this recovery software had the task of recovering data of all kinds in hard disk and SSD. In one of those data recovery tests lost, GetBataBack Simple was able to find 90 percent of the photo, 94 percent of the documents and 98 percent of the media files. In the same tests of reformatted units. I successfully recovered 89 percent of the photos, 83 percent of the documents and 80 percent of the multimedia data specifically, all the numbers that have a good data recovery software.
The software is easy to install, but needs to perform a few steps more advanced than the best saftware recuperacionn data. It is completely easy to use and was designed to have an intuitive. However, the interface has a feeling that is not very good because it is cluttered and unnecessarily complicated at certain points, this can sometimes reduce the ease of use for people who had not previously used it.

Something important is that this software is compatible with Windows, Linux and Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012.

Data recovery for iOS

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It easily recovers deleted files
How to recover photos deleted from the iPhone? What can I do to retrieve deletedmessages from the iPhone? Such questions are often found on the Internet. There are a variety of cases in which you can lose crucial data on your mobile, how to remove things accidentally, unexpected problems in the system, attacks from unknown viruses, etc. This iPhone data recovery software will help you to get rid of all the problems. It allows you to restore all the deleted data from the iPhone/iPad. Also, if you’ve copied files of iOS using iTunes or iCloud before, you can also recover deleted files of these applications.

Data recovery
The recovery of data for iOS is as easy as for the experienced and for beginners, since the application provides a wizard that goes step by step in its interface, helping you through the process of data recovery. There are three steps in this specific processto recover data from your iPhone and iPad. First, connect your iOS device to the computer via USB. Secondly, scans the files you wish to restore. The third step is to find your lost in the results scanned files and choose which recover. Finally, it retrievesthe selected files. Can you see? There is nothing complicated with the use of this tool.

Backup and restore complete
The program does more than recover data from your iPhone and iPad. In fact, it also helps to make backup copy of the files from your iOS device to the PC. By using this tool, you can transfer various types of files to your iPhone or iPad to your computer without any loss. You can preview the multimedia files with thumbnails that appear to select precisely which you want to save. In addition, you can make backup copies of data in more than one device, the files will not be overwritten. You can view and delete all backup files freely. Also, you can save the backup safely on your computer and restore files from it whenever you want.

100% secure software
This iPad data recovery application is completely safe to use. It does not contain anymalware or advertising, providing you with a great user experience with a clear andcomfortable interface. It also ensures you that the files on your iOS device will not be lost or overwritten by those who are recovering. Apart from that, you will be the only one who can access restored files and make backups. Neglected there will not be any kind of loss.

How (not) to retrieve data

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Today, with all devices that we own, it is inevitable that at some point data loss occur. Whether it’s music gathered for years, family photos or critical business information, can become daunting and stressful moments, and it is worthwhile to assess the situation as it deserves before deciding what is the best thing we can do.


Below we offer some tips on what to do (and what not) If you suspect that you havesuffered data loss and how make sure that you have the greatest possible recoverychances.


Turn it on and turn it off?

It is probably one of the classics in the Guild technical jokes, but the supposedly simple act on and turn off system is not as useful as it seems. In fact, if you believe thatyou have suffered a loss of data, in the majority of cases the best it is immediately shut down the system, refrain from back to turn it on and seek professional help.
When it is running, your operating system (OS) and any other installed software written to the hard disk in different ways, including “second” system numerous processes such as driver updates, virus scans and updates of the OS. Even if your computerseems to be at rest, it is continuously writing data on the hard disk and has the potential to overwrite data that you’ve lost or deleted. Even tasks seemingly small as searches on the Internet and check email can worsen the situation and hinder data recovery attempts.


DIY recovery software

It is often considered the procedure faster and more economical, but it is advisable? Get DIY data recovery software (do it yourself or DIY for its acronym in English) accredited it is easy and can be very helpful in situations where there is external storage(USB hard disk, SD card, etc.). But be careful: do not use data recovery software on the same system where data loss has occurred. This will write more data on your hard drive and, as already mentioned, one on writing could destroy immediately lost ordeleted files. Actions such as downloading files of software and the execution of analysis can be deleted in one fell swoop otherwise recoverable files. In a nutshell: canbe easy to worsen the situation by using software DIY, so always proceed with caution.
The safer alternative is to extract the affected hard drive and connect it separately to a machine that run the data recovery software, but if you don’t know how to do itcan be difficult. If you suspect that your hard disk has physical damage, refrain fromopting for a method of DIY software, and above all, refrain from…


Open your own hard drive

A brief search online offers as a result lots of DIY videoguides with many views thatclaim that they can teach you to properly open your hard drive and fix problems such as “buzz” or “click” sounds that are usually signs of physical failures. Note: open the hard drive out of a clean camera can cause irreparable damage to your data andwe do not recommend it under any circumstances.
We usually receive open hard drives that small particles of dust and even scratchesor dents in the most insignificant have caused serious damage and potentially successful recoveries have become impossible. Hard disks are complex and sensitive devices and require great precision and experience to deal with a problem and retrieve the data. There are so many things that could go wrong when you try to do it yourself, best to let the experts to take a look before that take a shortcut and risk that thedata is permanently lost.
It looks enough like when we have a broken bone. The first thing we would do almost all would look for information online about the symptoms, but not to continue treatment on our own if we do not have medical training. Search a comprehensive analysis and expert should be your first choice to get a full diagnosis and prevent further damage.
And speaking of major damage…


The best procedure

If you think that your device has lost data, in most cases it is better to stop using it immediately. It is easy to say, but try not to succumb to panic and stop to think whatmight have happened. Stop, performs an and consider your options according to the specific situation. As we have seen, different circumstances require different linesof action.
The only situation in which an opportunity should be given to a DIY data recovery isif you’ve mistakenly deleted data from an external device. In these cases certainly worth it worth trying to use data recovery software tools, but it is advisable not to gotoo far in your attempts to not worsen the situation. Remember: the more you use adevice, the greater the risk that causes major damage. You should avoid also try DIYmethods in hard drives that have suffered physical damage, since this will almost always cause more harm than good, and carries the risk of further loss of data.


How to Keep Perfect Backups

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Whether it is a smartphone, a tablet, a Windows PC and a Mac, today it is imperative to keep an updated backup of at least your most important data. Accidents can occur at any time, bricks are constantly on the lookout and data thefts on electronic devices are piling up.

With this post I do not intend to propose a unique solution, but rather offer an overview of what you should keep in mind to ensure that you are performing the backup process safely. For example, keep in mind that this process does not only cover the backup itself but also requires verification that you can actually restore the files. Unfortunately, if you use the Windows internal backup tool, this is not always the case.


What is the best method of backup?

When you are using a new device or restoring the computer system we recommend that you save a complete image, since in that case it is always possible to restore the data to its original state (from a version saved on a different disk). If the backup is done consistently, you can always count on the possibility of accessing a running system in a very short period of time.

Performing a full backup or incremental backup is up to you, although I personally recommend the latter (since it saves time and storage space), followed by a full backup from time to time.


What kind of data should I back up?

Regardless of system backup, copies of personal or business value files should be made: photos of your vacation or videos of your children, personal and business correspondence, receipts or theses … If you care about yourself, you must protect it.

The simplest way is through Backup and File Manager, although it would be much more practical to use the appropriate programs. I suggest you do not skimp on this, since the safety of your most critical data is at stake. It is best to acquire a well-known and professional program that offers the option to ask questions and discuss with flesh and blood any problems that may arise. These tools can automatically back up individual disks, partitions, and directories at pre-scheduled hours. In addition, they handle reviews of data backups and are able to perform restoration as well.

A professional tool runs automatically after you customize your settings, and when you use it for the first time, a full backup of all built-in and associated disks is applied. In addition to this, after a predetermined time interval, a full backup will be performed again.

Top 6 Hard Disk Recovery Services

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Data recovery becomes important in case of hard disk failure. We do not know what time it would leave the hard drive. Many people have the good habit of backing up. Unfortunately, we were working on it would be lost if the hard drive fails in the middle of a job.

Unexpected events such as falling from a laptop, exposure to fire or water could damage the hard drive at an unexpected time. In such a situation, it would be very useful to have someone who can help us recover the information from the damaged disk. There are some companies that do exactly that service with different costs according to different services. Anyone who is in need of a hard drive recovery can tackle them and in most cases, these companies have been successful.


  • Flashbackdata6

Flashbackdata is a company offering a wide range of comprehensive hard drive data recovery services. Its service includes the recovery of data of attacks and all type of hard disks of mark like other service providers. Accidental deletion of files, formatted disks, overwritten files and other key issues will be handled to recover data from hard disks.

  • DTI Data

Data DTI provides data recovery services for all forms of physically damaged hard drives, which is also known as Tempa hard drive recovery service. It can recover data from a wide range of defective hard disks including RAID systems, damaged servers or infected virus hard disks. They can also recover data from damaged partitions with bad sectors. Before, you will get a fixed budget and will be at no additional cost.


  • Ustechlabs

The UStechlabs is one of the providers of data recovery services in the United States. This should be the largest provider of data recovery services with a 17 year history. Its service is primarily for raid recovery, tape restoration and hard drive recovery. Recovery is done under class 100 environment to ensure recovery of clean room.

  • Datamechanix

Datamechanix covers branded hard drive recovery with different interfaces like SCSI, SATA and IDE. Hard disk RAID recovery is also included in the service. They provide a huge 24/7/365 service to help people manage their data recovery quickly. If people need an unexpected recovery, make your group a high priority. Based on different demands, you can choose a standard recovery service or an acceleration recovery.


  • Datatechlab

Datatechlab is a dedicated hard disk recovery service center. They could retrieve data from most brands of hard drives like Seagate, Western Digital and Toshiba with different interfaces. It can recover data from hard disks that failed due to fire, water, accident, mechanical failures, PCB board faults and engine failures.


  • Vantagetech

Vantagetech is located in United States. They offer a range of data recovery services including hard drive recovery, raid recovery, SSD recovery, USB recovery, CD and DVD recovery, PDA, MP3 player recovery and digital photo recovery. They can retrieve data from more than 35 hard disk manufacturers and portable and 14 “drives. Their services are not limited by interface differences. They handle IDE, SCSI, FireWire, USB, RLL, MFM, ESDI and more types of Interface.

Getting the Wondershare Software Dr. Fone for iOS

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Wondershare Dr. Fone for iOS

It is the # 1 global data recovery software on the iPhone. This program helps you to recover the entire file regardless of whether the device is damaged, it has been deleted everything, even helps you recover files that are lost by updating IOS and others.


This software is very useful because in 3 steps it helps to recover all your files:

first you must connect your device, second scan your device, third preview and retrieve your data.


What can you recover with Wondershare Dr. Fone for iOS?

Wondershare offers you the possibility to recover ALL Files Type: Video Applications, Photos, Messages, Contacts, Application Data, Notes and much more.


No matter the cause, Wondershare has what you need:

  • Lost Data

Did you accidentally lose or erase something important? Dr.Fone is your best option to recover them.

  • Water Damage

Writing in the bathroom or taking a picture of your fish? Your phone may have been damaged by water, but Dr. Fone ensures your data does not drown.

  • Damaged Parts

Cracked, broken, peeled and masIcado – Dr.Fone can recover data no matter how hard your phone is hit.

  • Restoration Factory Settings

A factory restore does not mean that your data is gone forever. Dr. Fone will dig the data for I.



The Three big Data Recovery Software

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Data Rescue

This software ranks # 1 because it provides a disk imaging feature that the permit performs a byte by byte copy of its disk in the early stages of a sudden failure.

Data Rescue PC3 obtains the highest worldwide qualifications and the entire board for installation, scanning and recovery of your files. It has the most intuitive interface and is easy. It will only take a few minutes to install it thanks to the assistant who will guide you. You will be ready to start scandal right away, and with your organization clean and easy to start.

Ontrack EasyRecovery


This software has excellent filtering tools to sort the most data that the software can retrieve.

EasyRecovery has powerful functions, which will facilitate the recovery of the data that was deleted, but also to help improve the data of your computer in general. It has an excellent built-in hex viewer, a diagnostic tool and cloning tools, and you can also recover lost email if you wish.


Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Data Recovery Professional allows you to search any type of archive and recover it in a safe and fast way.

This software was far below average, has different scanning and speeds. So you may have to wait a little longer to retrieve what you need. Hard disk drive (HDD) speeds were the second slowest of all in our alignment, averaging just over 10 GB per hour for scans and 21 GB per hour for recovery. However, it worked considerably faster when working with our solid state drive (SSD), achieving speeds of 18.6GB per hour on scans and just over 29GB per hour for recoveries.



The Quicker, safest Way Way to Recover a Deleted File

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The best Way to Recover a Deleted File

If you accidentally delete a file on your magnetic hard drive and continue to use your computer, it is preferable to stop using the computer at that time. You can not continue to use the computer because a program on your computer may write to the disk and you can then overwrite the data from the file that you accidentally delete from your hard disk.

The best thing is that when your computer is turned off you can start a file recovery program from a CD or a USB drive in case you can not perform this action you can remove the hard drive from your computer and place it on another computer as a second drive. The solution is to avoid writing to the unit completely. You should scan the drive using the file recovery software and if you performed the correct procedure, find the deleted file. There are many ways to recover a recently deleted file if you do not allow it to write much on the drive.

The tools are covered to do this from a Ubuntu live CD or USB drive.


The Quicker Way to Recover a Deleted File

The creators of the famous CCleaner application also have their Recuva file recovery tool, easy to use and do not need much effort to recover a deleted file of great importance. This application helps you to scan your hard drive and restore deleted files, if they appear.

This method is a bit risky because it normally writes to the drive. This type of tool such as Recuva when installed on the drive may be able to replace the date of the deleted file with the date of the Recuva program. Sometimes it may be possible for programs to run in the background to write to the disk and be able to overwrite the data. We only need part of the file that is overwritten and the file is completely corrupted.


Have you mistakenly deleted a file from your computer and want to recover it?

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On a large scale, we could say that the hard disk of a computer and replace the huge library: it has several “compartments” which help us to store important pieces of information. This location is registered in an index style, so that only by consulting our disk will we know the exact location of each.

When you delete a file from your computer, the truth is that it is not deleted from the disk compartment it is in, but its location in that index. Therefore, for the hard disk the space that previously occupied that file will appear free, but the files will remain there until other fractions of your file are stored in its place occupying the same space.

This means that if we erase something by mistake, we have the possibility to recover it completely, before the hard disk performs new writing activities in the spaces occupied by the deleted file and if we act quickly.

Recovering deleted files at all times will be an easy task, and sometimes it is very necessary to contact professionals capable of recovering much of the data. However, it is always good to have some basic tools to recover files to be able to use it before any emergency situation and reduce the risks of loss of our files if it is required at any given time.

Then we recommend some tools:

  • FineRecovery
  • TestDisk
  • Pandora Recovery


Five best tools free data recovery

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The best way to recover from a data loss should be properly prepared. With one of these tools in hand, always ready to store Reaper data.

Image of Matalyn.

While the best defense is the real-time backup and the loss of unnecessary data, we understand that sometimes the data loss in you. If you are on a computer are photos of the holiday of the camera is not safe or a boy catches less than to eliminate the paper that has been working during the week, with emergency data recovery of practical tools, it is essential to obtain the Data, before it disappears forever. Earlier this week we asked you to share your favorite data recovery tools with us. Favorites and now we are with the candidates back to the best data recovery tool.

TestDisk (/ Mac / Linux Windows)
TestDisk is a powerful open source tool to recover your data. Not only can TestDisk perform file recovery databases, such as recovering accidentally deleted files from FAT, NTFS and ext2 files, but it comes with a number of additional functions. With TestDisk you can recover the boot sector from a backup, create your boot sector, set FAT tables, fix your MFT, look for the Super ext2 / ext3 backup, copy deleted files from the partitions recovery media files And lost to help the partitions in dozens of formats, to locate the lost data. It is a command line tool, so there is a graphical user interface, but the menus and documentation on the wiki should start without much trouble.

Recuva (Windows)
Recuva is the use of a Windows based tool. Using the file recovery wizard or application When running Recuva in manual mode, you can resuscitate the missing files. The Recovery Wizard file is useful when you are sure that your data is gone, but you are not quite sure where it was or how to recover. The wizard allows you to search by the type of search for photos, music, documents, videos or any file, and you can search the location anywhere on the computer, only in your own file, junk or store specific removable media. If you do not need the Wizard, you can jump into manual mode and find the job that you know the file should be. Recuva uses a green / yellow / red light to indicate what probability files are restored, and always available, can be expected to rehabilitate viewable preview views of image files. Recuva also includes a tool to clean the files you find safe hand when you try only a file recovery to make sure the files are actually buried and dead.

PhotoRec (/ Mac / Linux Windows)
PhotoRec TestDisk is a companion program, but it is also included in this Five Hive. Like TestDisk, this application also lacks a graphical interface, but it is strong enough to retrieve files. Separate PhotoRec TestDisk was included because many users clearly prefer PhotoRec as a safer alternative when depth disk recovery is not required. This recovery tool is not mess with your partitions or help build your master boot record again; However, take a dip in your logs securely, read-only mode and bypass partitions and file systems in an attempt to find the missing files. PhotoRec focuses on file types, is independent of the operating system, and not only the photos degraded despite its name. Overall, PhotoRec is a powerful tool for quickly and securely copying deleted files to another drive.

Recovery (Windows)
Restoration is a no-frills, small portable recovery tool. It can be used on all versions of Windows and Windows file systems. It lacks some of the advanced features of the other candidates, but the file name search base and the possibility to sort by file parameters such as file size and file name. Despite its small size, it is as good as the other candidates did when they are billed with retrieving files from our test drives. Restoration only weighs 406K and would be a great addition to any USB box tool for Windows that is.

How To restore a database, you have a backup of the database.

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A backup is often given the name of “good copy” of a database file, so a copy of the design integrity and data. You must use the Microsoft Backup database backup command Office Access, but you can use any copy of valid ticket to restore a database. For example, you can restore the backup recorded a database from an image on an external USB device.

You can download the database or restore some of its properties.

If you do not have a backup, there is a risk of data loss, brought unwanted changes or database design is damaged. For this reason, you should make regular backups. For more information on how to schedule backups of the database and create, see make a backup of a database.

In this article:

  • Restore a full database
  • Restore part of a database
  • Restore a full database

If a complete database is restored, the database file is damaged, you have problems or missing data is replaced with a copy of the entire database backup.

When you have database files, insert the fuse in the place where it should be included in the database.


  1. If other database programs or links to objects in the database must be restored, it is important to restore to the correct location database. Otherwise, in the object database links will not work and will create the Linked Table Manager.
  2. If the database file is damaged or problems in the data to remove and replace damaged backup files.
  3. Restore part of a database
  4. To restore a database object, the object of the backup will be imported into the database, which contains (or lack thereof) for the object you want to restore. You can restore several objects.
  5. Open the database where you want to restore an object.
  6. go to restore accidentally deleted a missing object like a table in step 3. If you want to replace an object that contains the damaged or missing data, or stopped working properly, do one of the following:
  7. If (for example, compare the restored version when completed) the current object that you want to keep, you must rename the object before restoring. For example, if you want a module called corrupt deprotection recovery, you can rename the damaged Desprotección_inservible module.
  8. Remove the object you want to replace.


  • Always make sure when you delete the database objects.
  • In the External Data tab, in the Import group, click Connect.
  • In the External Data dialog box, click Browse to locate the backup database.
  • Click Import tables, queries, forms, reports, macros, and modules into the current database, then click OK.
  • In the box Import Objects dialog box, select the object in the database type you want to restore Tab. For example, if you want to get a table, click the Tables tab.
  • To restore several objects, repeat steps 6 and 7 to select all the objects you want to restore.
  • It is advisable to adjust the import options. In the box Import Objects dialog box, click the Options button to examine these options before items to import.
  • When objects and term options for selection, OK to restore objects.

How to Recover Lost Data from You Android

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It is very likely that you store tons of files on your device, It is very annoying when your data is suddenly erased. Whether it’s family or work photos, contacts, text messages, or your music. accidentally. It is very difficult and complicated to find a good method to recover all your data in a simple way. Fortunately, Android Data Recovery App rotten help!


Set up Android data recovery that protects your phone for easy retrieval when having a lost on your phone, thus preventing your data from falling into the wrong hands, this method not only helps you recover your photos and videos, too Helps you retrieve the database of your text messages, contacts, call history and more from a phone or Android Tablet.


Follow this guide, learn tips on how to recover your Android phone.

1. What you need to do when you lose your data

If you accidentally delete the data, the first thing to do is to stop using your device. The reason you need it is that the data will be overwritten with the new data you place on your device. But in case you really have to use your device, it is best to avoid introducing the same type of data as the lost data. For example, do not take a new image when you want to recover accidentally erased photos.

In addition, you can recover data as soon as the sea possible, you may have a greater risk of being overwritten and can not regain lost data.

2. Pasos fáciles para recuperar archivos de Android


Step 1

Run the Android Data Recovery
Install the program on your computer and run it, you will be asked to connect your Android device to PC via USB.

Step 2

Set up Android to enable USB debugging
After connecting your Android to the computer, go to the step 2 – Enable USB debugging. Here you have three ways to do it according to different Android OS version:

  • For Android 4.2 or the newer: Enter “Settings > About Phone>Build number” for several times and when you get the note: “You are under developer mode”, you can go back to “Settings > Developer options > USB debugging”.
  • Android 3.0 to 4.1: Enter “Settings>Developer option > USB debugging”.
  • Android 2.3 or earlier: Enter “Settings–>Application –> Development -–> USB debugging”.